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Buy recyclable Nespresso coffee capsules and support Hayman Coffee's commitment to a greener future!

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Enjoy the award-winning Fazenda Lagoa Seca coffee and support Hayman Coffee in delivering exquisite quality coffee to the world!

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Sustainability of Hayman Coffee

Is Hayman Coffee sustainable?

We rate Hayman Coffee as a non eco brand. It is true that Hayman Coffee is famous for its excellent quality coffee, premium customer service, and the ability to deliver the finest experience even to the most selective coffee lover. However, little to no information related to Hayman Coffee's sustainability plans and commitments is available on the website.

The coffee house chooses not to share details about its carbon footprint, employee working conditions, production processes, or waste reduction policies. Hayman Coffee does offer recyclable packaging and recyclable Nespresso® compatible pods, but no other eco-friendly policies are in place. We would be glad to learn more about Hayman Coffee's behind the scene operations and plans for a more sustainable future within the coffee industry. For this reason, we highly recommend Hayman Coffee to be more transparent about its sustainability efforts and share its progress with customers and businesses alike.

About Hayman Coffee

Who is Hayman Coffee?

Hayman Coffee was born in London, England, in 2014. The founders met because of their desire to find the best coffee beans in the world. A few years and thousands of hours of research into all things coffee related later, the duo decided to team up and revolutionize the coffee industry.

Hayman produces some of the world's finest specialty coffees, including Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Hawaii's Best Kona Coffee and Cup of Excellence®** award-winning Brazilian Coffee. These are all Arabica coffees which are widely considered the best coffee beans and rightly called gourmet.

Sustainability-wise, Hayman Coffee only serves single origin coffee and never blends coffees from different countries, farms, species or crops. This way, Hayman Coffee ensures full product traceability and delivers the finest quality of each coffee type to all its customers.

What can I buy at Hayman Coffee?

When shopping at Hayman's Coffee, customers are welcomed by an impressive selection of high-quality specialty coffees. This includes freshly-roasted coffee, green coffee beans, ground coffee, Nespresso®-compatible capsules and pads for Keurig K-Cup Coffee Machines®.

This coffee house offers some environmentally-friendly product options too, such as recyclable Nespresso®* capsules and recyclable packaging for all orders. Hayman is actively contributing to the protection of the environment.

What are the delivery costs and times at Hayman Coffee?

Shipping Method Shipping Time Cost
Standard Shipping  5-7 business days Calculated at checkout
Expedited Shipping 1-4 business days €9.99 (roughly $10.64)

Please note that the shipping time of each shipping method can differ when placing orders for the USA. As a Europe-based company, Hayman Coffee lists shipping costs in euros. You will be able to see the final shipping cost in US dollars at the checkout. For complete information on the shipping times and costs, please visit Hayman Coffee’s website.

What do I need to know about the returns at Hayman Coffee?

Customers have the right to cancel orders within 14 days of delivery, but must cover the cost for the return of any item purchased at Hayman Coffee. Returned goods must be in pristine condition and sent with the original proof of purchase. To find out all the details on Hayman Coffee's return policy, please refer to the website.

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