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Who is is a leading booking service that provides hotel accommodation worldwide. With, you can secure your stay in the place that suits your needs the most. Find here listings of major chain hotels, private apartments, cozy family-owned hotels and many more. started its journey in 1991 as the Hotel Reservations Network (HRN). In 2001, it became part of Expedia Group and then changed its branding to Nowadays the company is operated from Dallas, Texas. doesn't share any information on sustainability within the company. However, it does give some advice on how to travel more eco-friendly. At you can find a selection of sustainable hotel stays offered. Make sure you check them out when booking your accommodation stay, we can ensure you, in most cases, you won't even feel the difference on your credit card, but will certainly do good to the planet.

What can I buy at's main focus is accommodation booking, however, nowadays you can book many more services via the platform. This travel provider can basically have you covered on every stage of your trip, regardless of whether you're traveling for leisure or business. Check out for hotel and flight bookings, find a list of experiences and things to do in your travel destination, hire a car - all of these for solo and group travelers! Give the world a shot with, plus save money when you make a booking via Moincoins links.

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Change of plans? No problem, tries to stay flexible and offers cancellation support for hotel and vacation rental bookings. You can check the detailed instruction of the steps you need to take for your type of booking in the FAQ section. 

Be aware that due to the pandemics, most flight refunds are issued within 12 weeks, but in some cases, the process may take a little longer. As for refunds for hotel, car or activity bookings, those are usually processed within 24 hours of the cancellation request.

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