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About Vrbo

Who is Vrbo?

Vrbo is a marketplace that connects homeowners with travelers. At Vrbo you can book any local property - house, apartment, cottage, cabin, etc. If you're looking for a unique experience, far away from dull, overcrowded hotels, Vrbo might be a great option to explore. The website has over 2 million properties listed around the world. The company is a part of Expedia Group, an American travel giant owning multiple travel fare aggregators and marketplaces. The name Vrbo comes from Vacation Rentals by Owner, which was the original name of the company at its launch in 1995. Vrbo is especially focused on catering to the needs of families. The filters let you search for a specific number of bedrooms or bathrooms to find the perfect stay for your group of travelers. You can also check for houses with pools or hot tubs. So where do you want to travel next?

What can I buy at Vrbo?

At Vrbo you can book vacation properties around the world. On the website you choose where you want to go, the date of your travel and the number of people traveling with you. The hosts of the houses are either companies specialized in rentals or private people who rent their own properties. They will contact you prior to your arrival to arrange your check-in and check-out. You can instantly book any rental house you want to stay in on Vrbo website. Your credit card is required to make the booking.

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