About us


Moincoins is a new cashback platform created in 2020 by the team of six marketing enthusiasts. Here we care about the environment and that’s why we encourage our users to shop sustainably.

“Moin” is a Hanseatic way to say “Hi”, “Hello”, “Good morning”. This word is popular in Northern Germany and we use it to warmly greet each. Our logo symbolises an integral part of our city Hamburg - a seagull. The twig held in its beak stands for nature. We care about the environment, and our goal is to encourage you to do so too.

Our mission

At moincoins, we created a marketplace for sustainable online shopping. The money shops usually spend on advertising goes back to our users as cashback. We provide eco-friendly alternatives to everyday online purchases by highlighting environmentally-sound shops. At the end of the cashback journey, we encourage users to donate generated cashback to green charities.

Our promise

Users are promised to get money back on every valid online transaction made via moincoins. We also promise to offer our users the best up-to-date deals for a wide variety of shops. We guarantee that the projects we select for donation are hand-picked and make a real change.

Our vibe

Money and environment are serious topics and users’ karma too! Therefore we’re your end-to-end cashback site where you can shop, save and clear karma - all at one place. We respect users’ choices and privacy. We strive to be quick and efficient in our support, you know, German professionalism.