Moincoins - The First Sustainable Savings Platform in the UK


Moincoins is a savings platform, highlighting sustainable brands.

We like saving money and giving back

We’ve chosen a great range of hand-picked discount codes and cashback deals to help you save money every time you shop. But earning means nothing without giving back! At the end of the shopping journey, we want to inspire you to donate earned cashback to green charities. Moincoins supports Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organisation that fights soil erosion by planting trees. It also provides employment to those who need it most.

We rate brands, but not you

Transparency is very important to us. That’s why we look into a brand’s background, eco-friendly practices and reviews from external sources to assess the sustainability of each brand. We’ve come up with an eco-rating system, where you can see which brands have green initiatives in place and to what extent they are sustainable. But we’re not judgemental if you’re not ready to break up with your best-loved brand in favour of a new eco one. The shopping options are endless and we never compromise on quality. We believe in a more sustainable future for our planet, but we also understand that the change will not happen overnight. It's an adventurous journey that we want to invite you on. There will be stops and obstacles, but it will also be fulfilling and fun. We start with small steps, one purchase at a time.

We stand for sustainable choices

We feature eco-friendly brands, create blog posts and share tips on sustainability and how to adopt a greener lifestyle. This is to help you embrace the change. With Moincoins, you can learn the real-life stories behind sustainable brands. We take responsibility to inform and mentor our customers on their tour of becoming more ethical consumers. But in the end, we grow together. Highlighting small eco-friendly brands that are all about sustainability and reducing their environmental footprint is also something we put an emphasis on. After all, being the underdog can be challenging.

Meet the seagulls

The seagull is our logo and it symbolises an integral part of our headquarters city, Hamburg!
The twig held in its beak stands for nature.

“Moin” is our way in Northern Germany to say “Hi” or “Good morning” and warmly greet each other. 

We're a start-up of eight ambitious creators, with dry humour and delightful brainstorming sessions.

We are international. Our team connects different cultures and lifestyles. 

We are dreamers. We believe we can contribute to shape a better future.

We are pet-lovers. There is only one thing that can take away our focus from exploring the vastitude of sustainability. And it sounds like “woof”. 

We promise to make eco choices easy.
Sustainable shopping is possible without breaking the bank and spending aeons browsing the internet. We do both for you. We want to provide our customers, as well as our partners, with the chance to evaluate the sustainable measures they already have in place and hint them on what kind of actions they need to take to enhance their positive impact in the future. The seagull team is always working at becoming the ultimate go-to-destination for responsible shopping and lifestyle choices. And we want to go on this trip together with you!

Moincoins Team Photos GIF

  • Alicja Borucinska, CEO. Believes that plant-based and cultivated meat innovation is going to be big in the future.
  • Shahab Hassani, Senior Account Manager. Predicts that shared urban gardening are here to stay as an eco trend.
  • Martin Zorawski, Account Manager. Believes that in the future a CO2 consumption account will be set up for every citizen.
  • Oleksandra Lazarchuk, Content & SEO Lead. Foresees that hydrogen vehicles will be our most popular sustainable vehicle choice.
  • Melina Gammersbach, Content and Media Manager. Predicts that solar energy will be the main energy source of the future.
  • Robyn Wilde, Account Manager. Predicts that plastic-free concepts in grocery shops, fast food companies and online shopping is an eco trend to stay.
  • Ioana Zamfirescu, Content Manager. Believes that mycelium will pave the way to a sustainable fashion industry! That intricate structure mushrooms are made of will be big in fashion (and beyond) one day!
  • Valeriia Kyrychenko, Project Manager. Believes in the power of recycling and reuse with conscious consumption and shopping planning being at the core of our future habits.
  • Monna Suleiman, Online Marketing Intern. Predicts that remote workplaces will be a sustainable trend that will be here to stay, even after the pandemic.