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Our green initiative

There are many cashback websites out there, each having something unique to offer the online shoppers. Creating moincoins, we wanted to embody the idea of a sustainable everyday shopping. Our goal is to show users that they can shop, save and clear karma - all in one place.

Moincoins is a marketplace where we aim to bring your regular online shopping to the next level by highlighting the eco-friendly shops. Here you can also come across a deal with a special green tag “eco”, this means that this particular brand offers cashback on the eco-friendly, organic goods. Shopping such deals, you not only save the money, but also clear your karma. You would ironically ask “What does it have to do with my karma?”. Well, we believe that by purchasing organic and green products, we raise awareness about environmental pollution and overconsumption, use less energy, help to reduce soil erosion and fight poverty. In the end small changes in our shopping behaviour can make a big difference to the mother-nature.

We understand that there is no always a green alternative to your favourite items. That’s why we also give our users a choice to clear karma in another way - by donating their earned cashback to charity. We support Eden Reforestation Projects - a non-profit organisation that fights the soil erosion by planting trees, it also provides jobs to the poorest of the poor.

Let’s be eco together - explore our category with green deals and start shopping more responsibly now!