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We Are Answering Your Questions About Offerwalls

What Is an Offerwall?

Offerwalls are lists of tasks and offers provided and managed by our partners, such as AyeT or OfferToro. Each offerwall is packed with short tasks you can complete and in return get rewarded with cash back on your Moincoins account.

Moincoins Microtasks and Offerwall Deals - What’s the Difference?

Both offerwalls and Moincoins task offers are extremely similar in terms of how they work. You get rewarded for completing a certain task, which then translates into cash back rewards on your account. However, while Moincoins task for money offers are cash back reward opportunities handpicked by our team, offerwalls come straight from our partners and form separate lists of deals and tasks.

One thing that's important to mention is that if you experience any trouble with offerwalls, you must contact the offerwall directly and not Moincoins. But if you're facing any issues with Moincoins cash back rewards, feel free to drop us a line.

How Do I Contact Offerwalls?

If you encounter any issues with the desired offerwall, we recommend that you contact the respective brand as soon as possible. You will find offerwalls’ support email at the top or bottom of the offer list. Check out the offerwall's website to find out more about the ways you can get in touch.

Are Offerwalls Worth It?

Offerwalls are a great way to make some extra cash with little effort. It’s also an amazing option to explore new apps, test free services and get paid for playing games! Most of the time, all you'd need to do is complete a small task for which you'll get a reward. These tasks can range from registering to an app, starting a trial or subscription, making a purchase or completing short surveys.

Who Are Our Offerwall Partners?

We collaborate with some of the best-known reward-based platforms in the world that have a longstanding history of providing customers with excellent deals and unparalleled reward experiences. These include AyeT Studios, OfferToro, AdGem, Adscend Media, AdGate, Wannads, MM Wall, Lootably, HangMyAds, Pollfish, Revlum, MyChips, and Farly. Browse the full list above and explore our available offerwalls.

Are Offerwalls Safe?

Offerwalls can vary in terms of safety. Most of them deeply care about your experience when earning rewards. To evaluate the safety of an offerwall, consider the platform's reputation, privacy policies and user feedback. Check for trustworthy partners and advertisers. Look for security measures like encryption and secure browsing. You can check other users’ opinions about an offerwall on platforms like Trustpilot. If you click on an offer you like, but it takes you to a different brand than you were expecting, don’t engage with the site. Close the tab in your browser and find another offer to earn with.

Do Offerwalls Work?

Yes, offerwalls can be an effective way for users to earn rewards in the form of cash back by completing short tasks or microjobs. Offerwalls typically provide a range of tasks or offers, such as surveys, app downloads, sign-ups, or watching videos. When users complete these actions, they earn cash back that can be redeemed within the associated platform or app.

What is an Offerwall Example?

Our partner RevU is an example of a company that offers an offerwall service for games and apps. Game developers and app publishers can integrate RevU's offerwall into their products to provide users with opportunities to earn rewards or in-app currency. With RevU's offerwall, players are presented with a range of tasks and offers that they can complete in exchange for rewards. These tasks may include:

  • Downloading and installing specific apps from RevU's network of partner apps.
  • Completing surveys, questionnaires, or quizzes.
  • Watching videos or advertisements.
  • Making purchases in partner apps or subscribing to services.
  • Signing up for free trials or offers.

Upon completing these tasks, players receive rewards such as virtual currency, in-game items, or other benefits that enhance their gaming experience.

What is Offerwall on Games?

In the context of games, an offerwall refers to a virtual marketplace or interface within the game where players can complete certain actions or engage with sponsored offers in exchange for rewards or in-game currency. When accessing the offerwall within a game, players are typically presented with a list of tasks or offers to choose from. Once a player completes a task or offer from the offerwall, they are rewarded with in-game currency, items, power-ups, or other benefits that enhance their gameplay experience. On Moincoins.com, you can engage in all kinds of tasks related to games and get rewarded with cash back.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Payout After Requesting It?

Once you have requested to withdraw your earned cash back in your Moincoins user account, it can take up to one week until you receive it. The payout option you chose does not matter in this process. This allows us to make sure that the transaction is not rejected by our offerwall partner.


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