Moincoins - Saving Money With Cash Back Offers And Completing Tasks


Moincoins is a savings platform, offering cash back and micro tasks deals.

We Save. We Give Back. Join Us!

Saving money is a piece of cake with our hand-picked coupons and cash back deals for every online purchase. But hey, let's level up this game! When you've conquered your shopping spree, why not be a hero? Choose to donate your cash back to green charities like Eden Reforestation Projects. Trees planted, soil protected, and lives uplifted – now that's shopping with heart!

We Believe in YOUR Earning Power

Saving money is great, but making it? Now that's where the real fun begins! Introducing our marvelous assortment of micro tasks and freebies that practically shower you with cash. Earn online without breaking a sweat as you conquer these bite-sized gigs whenever the mood strikes. It's like having your personal money-making genie at your service!

We Rate Brands, Not You

At our brand-rating headquarters, transparency is our middle name (well, not really, but you get the idea). We're like eco-detectives, digging into companies' backgrounds, green practices, and reviews from the farthest corners of the internet to figure out just how sustainable they really are. With our nifty eco-rating system, we'll reveal which brands are eco-friendly superheroes and which ones might need a little green makeover. But hey, no judgment if you're not quite ready to embrace the eco-lifestyle just yet. We know the choices out there are as vast as the Amazon rainforest, and quality matters too! We firmly believe that saving the planet isn't a quick fix like putting a band-aid on a broken toy. It's a journey, my friends, and we're all on it together. So, whether you're leaping into the green revolution or taking tiny eco-steps, we're cheering you on, one purchase at a time. So, let's keep it sustainable and sassy – because saving the world doesn't mean sacrificing style!

We Stand for Sustainable Choices

Do you know what gets us pumped? Highlighting those eco-friendly champions, whipping up blog articles that spill the sustainability tea, and dishing out tips on living that greener life. We're on a mission, and that's to help you embrace the change and become eco-superstars! With us by your side, get ready to uncover the inspiring stories behind those sustainable brands. We're like detectives of ethical consumption, taking responsibility to educate and guide you on this journey. Together, we'll evolve into conscious consumers, making a positive impact on the world. And hey, we're all about supporting the underdogs too! Those small, eco-friendly brands stealing hearts with their commitment to sustainability? They're our rockstars! Because standing out from the crowd isn't easy, but boy, is it important! So, buckle up, eco-warriors! Let's dive headfirst into this green adventure, growing together, and making a real difference, one eco-conscious choice at a time.

Meet the Seagulls

The seagull is our logo and it symbolizes an integral part of the city our headquarters is located in, Hamburg!
The twig held in its beak stands for nature. 

“Moin” is our way in Northern Germany to say “Hi” or “Good morning” and warmly greet each other. 

We're a start-up of eight creative thinkers, with dry humor and enjoyable brainstorming sessions.

We are international. Our team connects different cultures and lifestyles. 

We are dreamers. We believe we can contribute to shaping a better future.

We are pet lovers. We're a bunch of ocean explorers, but there's a tiny distraction that always makes a big splash - the unmistakable "woof"! We just can't resist those adorable furry interruptions!  

We promise to make eco choices easy.
Sustainable shopping is made easy, without breaking the bank or endless searching. We've got you covered! Our goal is to empower our customers and partners to assess their existing eco-efforts and find ways to amplify their positive impact. The dedicated seagull team is working tirelessly to become the ultimate destination for responsible shopping and lifestyle choices. And we can't wait to take this journey hand in hand with you!

  • Alicja Borucinska, CEO. Loves to shop on sale and applies girl math to every purchase.
  • Shahab Hassani, СOO. Waiting for the right coupons is his go-to!
  • Martin Zorawski, Account Manager. Buys high-quality things and can wear them for a very long time.
  • Claudia Condorelli Natarelli, Account Manager. Sets a monthly budget for each category of items she would like to buy. If for example, exceeds in one of them, reduces the other ones. So if she buys too many clothes a month, she's not going to the restaurant.
  • Liam Culhane, Account Manager. Prefers to walk in the rain than pay for a taxi. 
  • Soroor Soozangar, Junior Account Manager. Saves by buying fewer, but top-shelf, high-quality products.
  • Valeriia Kyrychenko, Project Manager. Loves second-hand stores for the opportunity to not only save money but also to snatch up a vintage stylish piece for a ridiculous price. Always keeps an eye out for good discounts on favorite foods and cosmetics.