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We Are Answering Your Questions About RevU

What Is RevU?

Revenue Universe is a company that provides a user-friendly offerwall platform where users can earn rewards by completing simple tasks and offers. These offers may include signing up for a free trial or completing a survey. In return, users can earn cash back rewards, gift cards, or other incentives, making RevU a great way to earn a little extra money while completing fun and easy tasks.

Are RevU and Revenue Universe the Same?

RevU and Revenue Universe are two names for the same company, but it is important to know that Revu is also a product developed by Bluebeam, a completely different company from Revenue Universe. While both companies may have similar-sounding names, they operate in distinct industries and offer different products and services. At Moincoins, we always refer to Revenue Universe when we use the short form RevU.

Where Is RevU Located?

Revenue Universe has its headquarters in Orlando, Florida, which is known for its warm climate, exciting theme parks, and vibrant entertainment scene.

Who Owns Revenue Universe?

Revenue Universe was founded in 2005 and is a privately owned company.

Is RevU Legit?

Yes, RevU, also known as Revenue Universe, is a legitimate company. You can verify this by checking out the reviews on Trustpilot, a well-respected review platform where many users have shared their positive experiences using the platform to earn rewards. The company has a solid reputation for being reliable and trustworthy, making it a great choice for anyone looking to earn some extra cash in a fun and easy way.

How to Earn Rewards With RevU?

To earn a money reward with RevU, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in or sign up for a free Moincoins user account.
  2. Visit the Moincoins freebies page and click on the RevU logo to enter its offerwall.
  3. Browse through the list of offers and select one by clicking on it.
  4. Review the offer details and complete the task on the redirected page.
  5. Once you finish the task, your earned amount will show up as “confirmed” in your user account.
  6. If your account balance is $15 or more, you can choose to receive your money reward or donate it.

In rare cases, your “confirmed” cash back may change status to “declined” if we are notified by RevU that your submitted information was incorrect or that you use fraudulent methods of earning cash back.

What Offers and Tasks Can I Find on the RevU Offerwall?

On the RevU offerwall, users can find a wide range of microtasks to choose from. These offers may include registering for a service, signing up for free trials, completing surveys, or entering sweepstakes. Additionally, users may have the opportunity to earn rewards for reaching a certain level in a game, making it a fun and unique way to earn money while enjoying their favorite games.

What Is RevU Double Days or Double Offers?

Double days or double offers on the RevU offerwall platform are a great way for users to earn even more rewards. During these special promotions, certain offers or tasks will be worth more and sometimes double the usual cash back reward, making it a great time to take advantage of the platform and earn some extra money. Make sure to visit the offerwall regularly and sign up for the Moincoins newsletter to never miss a promotion. 

Why Didn’t I Receive My Reward for Completing the RevU Offer?

At RevU, you may experience a delay or absence of rewards after completing a short task. Сommon reasons for this may include not meeting specific requirements or criteria for the task, not properly following instructions, or using fraudulent methods. 

RevU recommends that users carefully read and follow instructions for each microtask, refrain from using VPN or proxy services, and complete jobs honestly to ensure timely and successful reward delivery. By taking these steps, you can confidently enjoy a positive and rewarding experience with RevU.

What Should I Do if I Didn’t Get My Reward After Completing a RevU Offer?

If you completed a RevU offer but did not receive your reward, don't worry - there are steps you can take to resolve the issue. First, double-check that you have met all of the requirements for the offer, that you followed all instructions correctly and more than 30 days after you completed the task have passed. If you still did not receive your reward, you need to contact the RevU customer support team directly.

How Do I Contact RevU Support for Missing Rewards?

To contact RevU customer support, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Moincoins user account and go the RevU offerwall page.
  2. Click on the headphone icon you see in the upper right corner of the offer list box.
  3. From the list of completed tasks, you can now create a support ticket for the job you’re waiting to get paid for.
  4. Revenue Universe customer support will take care of your ticket and get in touch with you to resolve the issue.

Can I Complete RevU Offers Using Proxy or VPN?

At RevU, you can earn rewards by doing different things like playing games or taking surveys. But, it's important to do these things in a fair way. This means you can't use special tools like VPN or proxy that might trick the system (these will result in error messages). If you do these jobs honestly, you can have a fun and rewarding experience with RevU!

Why Is There an IP Address Error When Trying to Access the RevU Offerwall?

You might experience an error message while using the RevU offerwall. This can have multiple reasons. If you’re using a VPN or proxy service, trying to access an offer that isn’t available in your geographic location, or if your user account has been banned, are the most likely ones.

Can I Complete the Same RevU Offer Twice and Get Rewarded?

At RevU, it is not possible to receive money rewards twice for completing the same task. This is because each offer is designed to be completed only once per user. RevU values honesty and fairness, and receiving multiple cash back rewards for the same microtask would be considered fraudulent. However, there are many other short tasks available on the platform, so you can continue to earn money and have a positive and rewarding experience.

Will I Get Rewarded if I Use RevU Hacks?

At RevU, the focus is on honesty and fairness, which is why it is strongly advised to avoid using hacks, tricks, scams, or cheating to earn cash back rewards. These actions not only violate the terms of service but also go against ethical principles. Engaging in such activities can lead to flagged accounts, loss of earned rewards, or even a ban from the platform altogether. By following the rules and earning rewards honestly, you can enjoy a positive and rewarding experience with Revenue Universe.

How Do I Withdraw My RevU Rewards?

When you earn rewards through RevU, they will appear in your Moincoins user account. When your account balance reaches $15 or more of "confirmed" cash back, you can withdraw it! You have options for how you receive your money, including transferring it to your PayPal account, receiving an Amazon Gift Card, or donating it to a selected charity organization. Enjoy your rewards and choose the payout option that works best for you!


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