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30% Off The Feel Fantastic Naked Kit

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Gwyneth’s two-step routine for baby-soft, smooth, ultrahydrated, glowing skin comes at a brilliant price when you buy the products together!

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Father's Day Gifts from $28

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About Goop

Who is Goop?

Goop is a modern lifestyle brand. It started as a newsletter that Gwyneth Paltrow launched in 2008. It was a home project that made it into a popular open-conversation shop.

You have probably heard of the viral marketing stunt - the candle that smells like the vagina of the actress. This, paired with the unusual, free-spirited topics made the brand a huge success. Now goop is a space where modern women can learn, read, shop, exchange ideas and thrive!

The website combines a magazine and an online store. Gwyneth Paltrow remains the face of the company and representing it for example in the Netflix series called "The Goop Lab". Just like the authors in the goop magazine, Gwyneth tries many unconventional wellness trends in every episode of the series, so you don't have to.

At goop you can not only shop but read interesting content on all kinds of topics from beauty advice to travel tips and even adult topics. Many articles are supported with product listings to buy in the same place. Could it be any easier?

Goop hasn't made any sustainability statements therefore it scored really low in the Moincoins eco rating. On the positive side, the brand runs goop Giving program supporting different charitable organizations. Among those are The Edible Schoolyard, The David Lynch Foundation and Pencils of Promise - all of them have proven to support children or adults in need. 

What can I buy at Goop?

Starting as a recipe newsletter, over years Goop has become a huge recognizable worldwide store. It offers a range of house-developed products as well as resells other designer items.

Goop is mostly known for its revolutionary wellness products like a vagina-scented candle, vaginal egg, vampire repellent spray and many more. But in addition to that the brand is offering its customers high-quality beauty products and also supplements. Goop has created a fashion collection called G. Label making clothes for the whole family. There is also a few items made of organic cotton, like for instance women's T-shirts, dresses and sweaters.

Goop really sells all kinds of things. In its store, you will also find hand-picked items from other brands in categories like kitchen, fashion, beauty and well-being. Expect high-end products at premium pricing!

We couldn't really find any eco collection at Goop. However if you type in the search bar the word "organic", you will find a list of items that contain more eco-friendly materials or ingredients. 

Why did Gwyneth call it Goop?

The brand was called GP until in 2007 a branding legend Peter Arnell told Paltrow that all successful internet companies have double o's in their name. So she added that to her initials GP and created "Goop".

What are the delivery costs and times at Goop?

Shipping Method Shipping Time Shipping Cost

2-3 days processing

+ 1-3 days in transit

$5.95 or free for orders over $50
UPS 2nd day 2 days $15
UPS Next Day 1 day $25

What do I need to know about the returns at Goop?

You can return your order within 40 days of receipt. Only unused and unopened items in the original packaging are eligible for a refund. Before you send back the items contact customer support via mail or contact form.

Be mindful about buying too many items and returning most of them a few days later. It's not very fair towards the future of our planet.

Shop at Goop and get up to 8.5% of your purchase back