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About Travelocity

Who is Travelocity?

Travelocity is the right online platform to be at if you're planning your next getaway. This travel agency believes that life is one big journey and we can spice it up with some amazing trips around our beautiful planet. Travelocity provides its customers with destination ideas and money-saving deals to help them get the most of this big life trip. Travelocity was launched in 1995 when online travel booking services just started to emerge. Nowadays the company is operating as part of Expedia Group, being the third most popular website after Expedia itself and Travelocity counts over 12 million unique visitors, who enjoy special offers for flights, hotels, car hire, vacation packages, cruises and activities reservations. When you choose to book via Travelocity, you gain access to a database of 70+ destinations around the world, which can be reached by over 500 different airlines and cruise lines. This company emphasizes in transparency and accuracy of the information provided for each destination. To support this, it has built exceptional 24/7 customer service through its virtual agents that are always ready to assist you with any information about your destination or booking. Travelocity always gives you the lowest price or your money back. If you spot exactly the same trip at the lower rate, the agency will refund you the difference in price. Be sure you read Travelocity's Price Guarantee terms and conditions before filing the claim. Traveling with Travelocity is a safe choice for you and your family. However, it should also be a safe choice for the environment. So far Travelocity hasn't introduced any sustainability measures. Considering that the travel industry is a major contributor to growing CO2 emissions, we hope that this leading travel provider will make some steps towards a more eco-friendly way of traveling in the near future.

What can I buy at Travelocity?

At Travelocity you can book your next flight, hotel, cruise, holiday package, car rental or activity easily, affordably and without any stress. The filters of this website make search and comparison a piece of cake. Simply define your needs and preferences and hit that "search" button. For example, you can use the family-friendly tag or pet-friendly tag to discover hotels that provide extra amenities for kids or pets. Additionally, you can narrow down the results if you're looking for hotels close to the top attractions of the city. Of course, you can filter your results by the type of travel, i.e romantic, beach-based, luxury, all-inclusive etc. What's even more exciting, Travelocity developed a personalized travel guide system, where you can customize trip recommendations based on your interests and needs. Moreover, Travelocity adjusted our needs after COVID-19 pandemic and understands that it's not easy to plan a trip ahead of time. Search for the last-minute deals with special offers that can make your trip come true at discounted prices on hotels and air tickets. For some, flexibility is the key when it comes to traveling. That's also the reason why Travelocity never charges you a cancellation fee on hotels (there are only some exceptions that require you to cancel more than 24 hours before the check-in). The choices are endless and Travelocity is here to provide you with the best and cheapest solutions to make your next getaway come true.

What do I need to know about the returns at Travelocity?

Change of plans? No problem. With Travelocity, you can cancel almost any kind of booking online (considering that there are no returns as such in the travel industry). Whether you'll get money back depends on the type of trip you booked and how close you are to the check-in. Visit Travelocity for more details on cancellations and returns.

We recommend you checking Travelocity's cancellation and refund policy for your type of trip before booking it if you initially have doubts that you might go for it. 

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