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German Start-up Expands First Sustainable Savings Platform in the U.S.

The Hamburg-based advertising agency Users Digital has started to introduce its eco rating system for Moincoins.com. This system rates partner shops according to their commitment and efforts in terms of sustainability. Moincoins is the world's first savings platform that focuses on environmentally friendly, sustainable brands. With its cash back deals, offers and coupons, the online platform aims to meet the needs of a growing audience of environmentally conscious buyers.

Moincoins was launched with localized websites in Germany, the US, and the UK in March 2021. The CEO and founder of Users Digital, Alicja Borucinska, wanted to combine the environmentally-conscious zeitgeist with the savings function of an online cash back platform.

"The aim of Moincoins is to offer customers savings opportunities and relevant information about the sustainability of brands. We want our customers to be able to make better decisions for themselves and for the environment.”

- Alicja Borucinska 

Together with a team of seven online marketing specialists, she has now developed and implemented an eco-rating system that has the sustainable efforts of partner brands analyzed. Criteria include whether the brand reduces its CO2 emissions, offers recycled or vegan products, uses sustainable packaging or has fair working conditions.

Moincoins asks the companies directly for analysis, but also conducts its own research. The brand receives an eco point for every criterion that is met. The points collected then count towards a certain eco-level, with which the brand is identified on the platform. This makes it easy for the customer to see how sustainable a particular brand is. 

The ratings range from non eco, for brands that make little or no effort at all, to eco newbies and eco skilled, for those who have already implemented sustainable standards and sustainability, to eco nerds, brands that are considered to be very sustainable. For example, the shoe label ECCO ranks as an eco newbie in contrast to the more sustainable fashion shop Avrelife, which received the rating eco nerd. So far, the rating system has included the categories of fashion, beauty & health, groceries and department stores. Further categories will follow in the next few months.

“Global warming is the greatest challenge of the 21st century. All the small contributions made by our company and our customers add up to a big effect. We hope that we can change the preferences of more customers by providing information about which brand avoids plastic or offers vegan options.”

- Alicja Borucinska 

With the cash back money that customers earn for shopping using Moincoins, they also have the choice to donate it to a charity organization. Additionally, using the deals and discount codes, they can save money while shopping at their favorite online stores.

The Moincoins team provides customers with helpful information about sustainable shopping and a green lifestyle. On the Moincoins blog, the authors guide the reader through topics such as slow fashion, ecotourism and how to add eco-friendly habits to their lifestyle.

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Save money, save the planet! Moincoins is a savings platform that highlights sustainable brands. It is the first project by the affiliate marketing company Users Digital GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in 2020 by CEO Alicja Borucinska. The team currently consists of eight marketing specialists from different cultures and backgrounds. Customers from Germany, the UK and the U.S. can shop through Moincoins and save money with cash back and discount codes.

If you would like to find out more about Moincoins and saving the planet, visit moincoins.com

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