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About GoHenry

Who is GoHenry?

GoHenry is an online debit card app that allows parents to monitor their kids' spending. This is done by creating a prepaid Visa debit card for the children. If you, as a parent, grandparent, or aunt/uncle are worried about where your kid is spending their money, GoHenry also has a feature in which you may choose in which places your kids are and are not allowed to spend money. 

In order for the children to earn money on their prepaid cards, they have to complete certain tasks or chores given to them by their parents. This gives your kids the opportunity to work and be rewarded for it. 

This service is especially helpful for parents who want to teach their kids how to spend their money wisely. This is because your children will learn how to budget their spending on different categories such as food, clothes, etc. And it will also show your kids how to separate their needs from their wants so that they are able to learn the true value of money.

Where are GoHenry cards accepted?

GoHenry cards are accepted at any point of sale that allows Visa cards. This means that your child will be able to use their card anywhere, anytime, any place. This is necessary and beneficial for when your kid has an emergency and needs to buy materials or pay for something important, such as medicine. 

This is in the case that you as a parent haven't blocked some places for your kids to purchase from. These places could be bars, clubs, vape shops, etc. This feature allows you to have full control of what your kids spend their money on. If your kids do end up going to these places and they try to pay, their cards will simply get declined.

Can GoHenry be used abroad?

Since GoHenry is accepted in any place that can charge a Visa card, it can be also used abroad. Your children may travel to a different country and use their cards as they please. There is no additional fee for international transactions so your kid can have a fun time without having to worry about anything else. 

However, it is important to note that some ATM machines may add their own fee. In any case, this fee is not coming from GoHenry itself.

It is also important to note that if your child spends their money in a foreign country, the currency will be converted to US Dollars.

How old do my kids need to be to use GoHenry?

GoHenry suggests providing this service to children between the ages of 6-18.

When your child is as young as 6 years old, GoHenry is useful for parents to track them and teach them the value of money. This can be done all the up until your kids are teenagers. By then, your kids will have very important life skills that other children may or may not have. 

When your kid is a little older such as between the ages of 16-18, The GoHenry card is useful for them in cases when the parents, grandparents, or aunts/uncles want to transfer money. It is also nice for your children to have this feature until they are 18 so that you can ensure they will have healthy spending habits when they are off to College or University.

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