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Moincoins Launches Freebies Category to Boost Performance Campaigns

Users Digital, a German advertising agency, has just launched the Freebies section of its savings platform, moincoins.com. Through completing tasks, playing games, answering surveys, and other activities, users can earn money and get free stuff. Businesses get to promote their performance campaigns with offers and deals.

In the Freebies category, Moincoins runs ads for industries like:

  • entertainment (free trial of streaming service)
  • mobile/online games
  • market research (surveys, panels)
  • financial services (banking, saving, insurance)
  • diverse apps and more

In addition, Moincoins has started a cooperation with offerwalls to increase the monetization of the website. Top partners include OfferToro, Adscend Media, AdGate Media, AdAction, RevU and ayeT-Studios. The feature is available for users from the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

Our users love discovering new brands. This behavior extends beyond the e-commerce sector. The Freebies section gives them new ways to find interesting apps and services. This category also creates a deeper symbiosis between our agency business and Moincoins. - Alicja Borucinska, CEO

Brands who spend their advertising budgets with Users Digital now benefit from exposure at Moincoins. The campaigns that match the countries and criteria are displayed in the Freebies category. When users engage with the ad and follow the listed steps, they earn a fraction of the cost per acquisition. They then have the option of getting paid out or donating it to charity.

The savings platform Moincoins was launched with localized websites in Germany, the US, and the UK in 2021. The CEO and founder of Users Digital, Alicja Borucinska, wanted to combine the environmentally-conscious zeitgeist with the savings function of an online cash back and coupon codes platform.

* * *

The affiliate marketing company Users Digital GmbH is based in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in 2020 by CEO Alicja Borucinska. It’s first project website is Moincoins, a savings platform that highlights sustainable brands. The team currently consists of eight marketing specialists from different cultures and backgrounds. Customers from Germany, the UK and the U.S. can shop through Moincoins and save money with cash back and coupon codes.

If you would like to find out more about Moincoins and saving the planet, visit moincoins.com.

For media inquiries / further information reach out to our team: [email protected]