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Sustainability of American Eagle Outfitters

Is American Eagle Outfitters sustainable?

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) has scored multiple points on our detailed eco rating system, which is why we've granted it the eco skilled badge! 

The company is taking active steps toward a more sustainable future and aims to become carbon neutral by 2030. AEO launched a specific label dedicated to more sustainable designs, called "Real Good". Most of those items are produced with more sustainable raw materials and in factories that limit water and energy usage. For instance, every pair of "Real Good" jeans saves up to 7 gallons of water. Also, American Eagle Outfitters utilized the equivalent of over 38 million plastic bottles in recycled polyester in 2020 alone.

Environmental footprint of American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters states that its "Real Good" jeans are made using more sustainable techniques in factories that meet the thorough expectations of the company's Water Leadership Program, launched in 2017. Through this, AEO managed to reduce the use of water per jeans by 21%, and saved over one billion gallons of fresh water a year. Ever since 2018, AEO expanded the program to include strategic denim and woven mills.

Most of the “Real Good” pieces are made of sustainable raw materials, such as recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled cotton or cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) - an organization that collaborates with farmers to grow cotton more sustainably. Thanks to the partnership with BCI, more than 1600 tons of sustainable cotton are now sourced for Aerie - AEO's womenswear brand. While that accounts for 16% of the company's cotton supply, AEO aims to have 100% of its cotton sustainably sourced by 2023.

What's more, AEO collaborates with the First Mile initiative and uses recycled polyester made out of responsibly-collected bottles from Taiwan, Haiti and Honduras. That means that all the AEO's items made out of this fabric are keeping plastic waste away from landfills and out of the oceans.

Since 2016, American Eagle Outfitters has been part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), which is an organization aimed at gauging and improving the social and environmental impact of factories. AEO uses SAC's Higg Index to calculate the environmental performance at over 150 factories, laundries and mills. 

All the paper used in American Eagle Outfitters' printed materials, such as shopping bags and store signage is produced in wind-powered mills and is made from 20% to 100% post-consumer waste (PCW). For all the materials made of less than 100% PCW content, AEO sources the rest of the wood pulp is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

At the same time, AEO is committed to saving more energy in its offices and stores by using LED lights. Since 2014, the company changed the lighting in its stores, which enabled it to save over 3,050 tons of carbon dioxide - the equivalent of eliminating 582 cars from the roads.
American Eagle Outfitters aims to install LED lights in its distribution centers by the end of 2022.

While we applaud all these initiatives aimed at positively impacting the environment, we believe that American Eagle Outfitters could be more transparent when it comes to its “Real Good” collection. We recommend that AEO discloses the exact locations it's sourcing the raw materials from, as well as the working conditions in its factories.

We also believe that there is room for improvement as far as the fabrics of the regular collections are concerned, and we hope that AEO will soon start producing garments made of more environmentally-friendly, natural materials.

Animal welfare at American Eagle Outfitters

At the moment, American Eagle Outfitters does not openly offer any vegan products, but the company stands against the cruel treatment of animals. That means that no form of animal cruelty is tolerated in the process of designing, manufacturing and testing any AEO products.

Under no circumstance will AEO allow the use of the following:

  • Mink, fox, rabbit and beaver fur
  • Skins from endangered or exotic animals
  • Mulesed wool
  • Angora
  • Animal testing

Moreover, this company accepts the use of the following materials only under qualifying circumstances:

  • Alpaca (Responsible Alpaca Standard)
  • Down (Responsible Down Standard)
  • Leather (Leather Working Group)

Ethical working conditions at American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters is providing its factory workers with humane and fair working conditions, which are reflected in the company's Code of Conduct. Therefore, AEO prohibits child labor, physical, verbal or mental harassment and abuse, discrimination, forced labor and any form of human trafficking. The company ensures that all workers are paid at least the minimum wage and are never required to work more than 60 hours per week. 

AEO is also committed to turning workplaces into safe and prosperous environments for females and has partnered up with global organizations, such as Empower@Work and HERproject. Through these, the company aims to drive change for female employees and to grant them access to management positions. Through these programs, women workers have access to information related to gender equality, financial inclusion, and healthcare.

Other eco-friendly practices at American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters is heavily involved in improving the lives of its customers and their communities. Since 2010, AEO has pledged over $2 million to the Pittsburgh Promise, an enterprise committed to empowering the futures of high school seniors in Pittsburgh. 

Similarly, through its Helping Hands Fund program, AEO has supported hundreds of associates who have experienced a significant personal tragedy, such as the loss of an immediate family member or a house fire. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic affected the lives of millions in the US alone, American Eagle Outfitters established an Associate Assistance Fund through Helping Hands to support its associates with matters related to financial hardship or housing insecurity. These are just some of many other initiatives American Eagle Outfitters participated in.
American Eagle Outfitters made a big commitment to the cause of sustainability in the company. It’s exciting to see the steps the company has taken to become more eco-friendly. However, we still can not score a point for the fast tempo the brand is taking with producing new styles every couple of weeks.

About American Eagle Outfitters

Who is American Eagle Outfitters?

American Eagle Outfitters is an American fashion brand specializing in clothing, accessories and personal care products at affordable prices. The company was founded in 1977 in Pennsylvania by the Silverman brothers, Jerry and Mark.

Right from the beginning, the brothers focused on providing customers with casual and sportswear items that enjoyed the interest of an ever-growing audience. American Eagle reached its peak of popularity in 2000, after its appearance on Dawson’s Creek, which is dubbed as "the hottest TV show of the late nineties".

American Eagle Outfitters takes pride in being an inclusive brand that celebrates the individuality of its customers and aims to empower them through relaxed, comfortable and on-trend designs.

When it comes to American Eagle Outfitters, diversity takes central stage. This has always been the key element for the company's resounding success and enabled it to create a safe space for over 45,000 employees to feel respected and empowered.

Knowing that what people wear says a lot about who they are and what they believe in, this company is making efforts to turn the fashion world into a better place. American Eagle Outfitters is committed to becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2030, and it’s following a comprehensive sustainability plan to make that come. The company has already started reducing its water usage, recycling and reusing clothes, as well as using more raw sustainable materials when developing new items.

Today, the company operates under two main brands, American Eagle® and Aerie®. Both of these focus on the 15-25-year-old consumer and share a similar identity through their casual designs and laid-back attitude. Apart from these, the company also offers graphic T-shirts and other items of clothing under the Tailgate brand name, as well as menswear products under the Todd Snyder New York brand name.

All the American Eagle Outfitters physical stores are located in the United States, Mexico and Hong Kong, but the company ships to 81 countries through its website. Furthermore, this company offers its merchandise at 260 locations operated by licensees in 28 countries.

What can I buy at American Eagle Outfitters?

American Eagle Outfitters operates under two main brands: American Eagle® and Aerie.

American Eagle® offers a wide selection of items for both men and women, ranging from tops, jackets, jeans, loungewear, shoes, accessories, toiletries and homeware.

On the other hand, Aerie® focuses on women’s underwear, such as bras, undies or swimsuits. The entire meaning of Aerie is wrapped in the concept of body positivity and aimed at making young girls and women feel confident in their skin. Hence, this brand is only using unretouched imagery to promote its products.

As far as sustainable options are concerned, American Eagle Outfitters labels some of its items as "Real Good", meaning that the products are made using sustainably-produced and/or sourced materials. Some of these include recycled nylon, recycled polyester, recycled cotton or cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative. American Eagle Outfitters promises that all the items from the "Real Good" collection are produced with the future of our planet in mind. This is just the beginning of the brand’s comprehensive sustainability plan to be a carbon neutral fashion company by 2030.

Last but not least, American Eagle outfitters has its own selection of Pride-inspired clothing items, such as T-shirts, shorts, shoes, accessories and body care. The brand has always been vocal about the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and is currently offering up to $10,000 to LGBTQ+ students to make their schools more inclusive through the It Gets Better project. Learn more about these initiatives on the company's website.

What are the delivery costs and times at American Eagle Outfitters?

Shipping Method Shipping Time Cost
Standard 3-5 Business Days $7.00 or free on orders over $75
Two-Day 2 Business Days $15.00
Overnight 1 Business Day $20.00

Caring for our planet is the new cool! For sustainability purposes, we recommend opting for the standard shipping method when shopping at this brand.

American Eagle Outfitters love to share its products with as many people as possible, which is why they ship internationally. To find out if this brand ships to your country, please refer to their website.

What do I need to know about the returns at American Eagle Outfitters?

If you're not completely happy with your purchase, you can easily return it for a full refund. There is no time limit to return your American Eagle items. This brand accepts in-store returns or by mail as long as you present the proof of purchase and the credit card used to make the purchase.

If you no longer have the proof of purchase, the brand will allow you to exchange the product or offer you store credit for the current price. If you need more details about the return policy, please visit the brand's website.

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